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New for 2016 ....  

You could have your ETK fees refunded to you!

Many of ETK's Owner's have recommended our services to their friend's.

Some Owner's advertise with us just because they want the Verification badge, any enquiries they receive are a bonus.  Other Owner's need a little more support.

With this in mind, we have developed a "referral scheme" to say thank you to those that recommend us. 

How does the referral scheme work?

Simple, just refer ETK on to any other Owners. Make sure they mention you when they register with us so you don't miss out.

The rewards to you are as follows :
  • For each successful recommendation (confirmed listing) you will receive either a 10% discount on next year's renewal fee or a FREE month Featured Advertisement (large featured advert that shows on the home page)
  • If you recommend more than one confirmed listing, you will receive 10% discount on renewal or a FREE month Featured Advert for each successful referral (if you recommend 2 you will receive 20% discount or 2 months free Featured Advert)
Here's the good bit :
  • If you recommend 3 confirmed listing you will have your current year's fee refunded in full (for those with multiple adverts it will be the first property refunded and not your entire fleet) and your property will be featured for the duration of your own listing (and may be carried on to the following year's listing too).

Just remember to ask your referred Owners to quote your name when they make enquiries with us - or if they list direct - ask them to email us with your name as their referral.



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