About Us

Safe and Secure Holiday Cottage Private Caravan Rentals and Holiday Home Lettings

ETK Lettings are holiday cottage, caravan and holiday lettings specialists providing a professional level service bringing both Owners and Guests together in a safe and secure environment.

We accommodate guests for anything between 2 nights and 4 weeks, and indeed sometimes longer (depending upon the holiday park and it's requirements). We pride ourselves on our helpfulness and customer service and are frequently commended on these, but you can see for yourself when you contact us!

We pride ourselves in the fact that our service and care extends beyond the booking process. A personal representative will always be on hand: whether they are making sure you are checked in comfortably upon arrival or in contact during your trip with handy tips to help you make the most of your stay…


ETK Lettings helps you search and connect directly and securely with verified owners of verified holiday lets - you deal directly with the owner or letting agent for that property. ETK do not take any part in this process as we are purely a listing service.


With ETK Lettings, you get more than a custom advertising space you can update anytime: if you choose, people can also book your property directly online, while you retain full control to administer your page through an 'Owners Portal' which also lets you see your account history, payments guests have made, you can even choose when your let should be available should you wish to reserve it for yourself or someone else.