Verified ID

Owner Verified

We insist all of our listed Owners provide proof of ownership & photographic ID to us to be allocated their unique ETK verification badges.  

ETK has it's own Verified ID scheme which is inherently linked with your ETK Lettings profile. We check owners to ensure that they are whom they say they are and that at the time of checking, they own the property they are listing.

How do I become verified?

Any owner signing up will automatically be put into the verification process and will need to send their owner documents to us for verification. Only when they have been verified, will their profile badge change from Pending to the real verification badge

To complete Verified ID and earn a badge on your profile, the details you supply must be full and complete and verifiable. The more information you add to your profile about yourself, the more chance we have of verifying you properly.

Our own security

We take security very very (yes really double very) seriously, so the information you provide during this process is highly encrypted and governed by our Privacy Policy.

Under certain circumstances, we may request that you be fully verified before you can send a reservation request.

To complete the Verified ID process, simply sign up for an account, we shall then be in touch to get the required information then let us do the rest.