Stuart "toughing it" in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support

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The Charity : MacMillan Cancer Support


We know cancer can affect everything – your work, your relationships, your finances. And by donating today, you’ll be helping us make sure we can continue to provide all our essential services. So that when someone’s facing a difficult time, we can help them start to feel more in control again.  Charity Registration No. 261017


A little about Stuart... aka "Mr Motivator"


What can I say... a "cheeky chappie" who always has a comment up his sleeve to lift your day when you're feeling down. Very much a family man who looks forward to escaping to his caravan for the odd weekend.  I have known Stuart just over a year and can say with honesty that if I needed a friend I could rely on this guy.



I was priviledged to be amongst the friends that Stuart chose to confide in with how he was feeling throughout the trauma his family (both close and extended) were going through.  I was able to offer Stuart an outlet to let off steam and have a laugh for a moment or two.


Stuart was talking to me about doing Tough Mudder for MacMillan Cancer Support when he had another bombshell... yet another family member had been diagnosed with "C"... I could feel Stuart's anger and confusion... surely his family have been through enough.



We, at ETK Lettings, are proud to get behind Stuart and help spread the word and help him reach his target or even better blow it out of the water and raise lots more money for this worthy charity.


More than anything, we are rooting for Stuart and will help keep him focussed on his challenges whilst continuing to offer him a much needed outlet to vent.


Now to wind Stuart up a little : my colleague, Ali Hedley and I have nicknamed him "Mr Motivator" : we are hoping to convince him to complete the courses in Lycra... so far he said no... but there is time :-)


Stuart's Story (taken straight from his Just Giving page)



Let's help get Stuart off to a good start... take a look at his JustGiving page and donate what you can.


All money raised will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. Cancer affects so many of us. It is a sad reality that most of us know someone close to us, either family or friends, that have been diagnosed with cancer.

I myself have had a number of family and friends that have battled and are still battling with different forms of cancer.

MacMillan Cancer Support go above and beyond to help those facing such tough times.

I am attempting for the first time ever to complete 4 separate challenging events during 2015/16. I have begun training but no amount of training will make this easy. I will be going over extremely difficult obstacles, through extreme conditions over 12 miles ranging from climbing to wading through ice pools, even electric shocks.

The events I will be attempting to complete will be as follows (still waiting for final dates & details): 


Just click on the image below to be directed straight to Stuart's Just Giving Page :

Stuart's Static Caravan in North Wales

Stuart is also the proud owner of a lovely Static Caravan on Lido Beach, North Wales.  

Why not take a look at his caravan for your 2016 family holiday?  Stuart's caravan

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