Why should I pay for advertising?

Many Owners feel it is unnecessary to "pay" for advertising, when there are several "free" avenues open across the internet... however, these are increasingly becoming unreliable & should never be relied upon as the "only" source of generating Holiday Home rentals.

Guests are becoming more & more aware of the "internet holiday scam" (which is a very good thing!), but are much more likely to be booking their next break away through a recognised Company as opposed to an individual, just for peace of mind that their hard-earned cash is being well spent & not wasted. These false adverts are usually placed on "free advertising" sites, (Facebook and Gumtree in particular), or on sites where little cost to the scammer is incurred, (Ebay & the like.)

Internet advertising relies heavily on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). If you rely totally on social media advertising, you will not have much luck getting traffic to your listing. With Facebook, for example, your advert will only be visible when YOU "bump" it, which in turn means unless you are prepared to spend all day in front of your PC - your advert will be buried amongst others very, very quickly.  

ETK Lettings currently share the offices of Simon Antony Ltd who not only built & look after our website, but are also "on-hand" should any issues arise or guidance is required. Simon Antony are specialists within the Digital World and are the reason why the site is so successful.

All ETK listings are optimised for SEO purposes on a constantly evolving basis to ensure the site and your listings are at optimum SEO status at all times.   

Google generally WON'T bring your Facebook, Gumtree or Ebay advert to your Guest's screen! However, Google WILL bring up company websites... Once the Guest is happily browsing through the Holiday Homes listed they have no reason to check social media!

Research shows that once we have chosen a site to view we rarely return to the search engine and this is true for a holiday search too. So, if your Guest likes what they see at first glance, they will book!  

Holiday-Makers are far more likely to make a booking through a "Company" than they are an "Individual." 

Then, of course, there is the rather topical subject of "new rules" being brought in by some social media sites, where the number of times you can post your advert is being limited, or a "restriction" is being placed, which not only prevents you from advertising for the specified time limit but also "hides" all previous adverts for the duration of the restriction... If you can't post to a group, you can't advertise!

Why should you choose ETK for your "paid" advertising?

ETK's "aim" from the launch early in 2015, was to be "different" to other listing agencies: It is run by owners, for owners. You don't "just" get an advert displayed on the site & then an invoice when your renewal is due (unlike most of the other lettings agencies). ETK offer a solid support system to all of our Owners. Between us, the ETK staff have many years of private rental experience & knowledge & work tirelessly (& at times, at all hours of the day or night) to provide an optimum service to all ETK members.

We offer lots of useful advice regarding rentals on our blog pages which are constantly updated, along with a few more "lighthearted fact" blogs & actively encourage our Owners to contribute. 

We have a document service available, which provides bespoke rental documentation to individual requirements & is available to both ETK & non-ETK members.  Once downloaded, these are "yours forever" to use over & over again and adapt as the need arises.

How much will it cost to list with ETK?

We have a new tiered system for 2016, which is extremely competitive:

12-months: £39.00

6-months: £29.00

3-months: £20.00

+ just £20.00 for additional properties, for the same length contract as the first.

This works out at a mere 75p per week for a 12-month listing.

Just click here for details.

How do I list my Holiday Home?

Registering with ETK is relatively easy!

Just click on the "Submit A Property" button at the top of any page upon the site.

It's then a simple case of clicking to Add your property, filling in the simple form, uploading some pictures then paying your subscription fee. Should you need any help during this process, feel free to speak to Ali or Sharon who will be more than happy to get you up and running.

As soon as payment is made, you will receive an automated emailed receipt. We then get notified of payment and the listing so can start to work on optimising it on your behalf. Whilst all this is happening, you simply promote your own ETK page and wait for guests to find and book with you.


A few Holiday Home lettings agencies have now realised that all their listings should be verified as genuine Owners - which is something ETK have always done!

Our infamous "ETK Verification Badge" is issued to our Owners once proof of Ownership is established:


We have a "pending" system in place for 14-days after a listing is submitted to ETK:



& if no ownership documents are submitted within 14-days of listing with us, a "not verified" badge is shown against the Holiday Home.  This doesn't indicate the Owner is not genuine - simply that they have not provided proof of ownership to ETK.



New for 2016:  ETK have additional security, as each property listed also has it's own unique Verification badge which shows a bespoke ID number for that particular Holiday Home & cannot be used against any other:



So - where you see the Verified ETK badge, the Guest can be 100% certain that the Holiday Home actually exists & the Owner is genuine.


What do I need for verification?

Once you have joined ETK, the Management Team will need your verification to be processed within 14 days to be able to issue your ETK badge. A copy of proof of Ownership, (most use invoices, as we all have plenty of those!), plus photo ID will need to be emailed to: [email protected].uk - if you are acting as an agent for the Owner, we will also need written permission from the Owner for you to deal with the rentals on their behalf. These details are held securely under the Data Protection Act.


We're always "on-hand" for help & advice when you join us

Just click on the "Submit A Property" button on our home page

Or email us on: [email protected]  /  [email protected]