Why choose "Paid" Advertising for your static caravan?

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Many Static Caravan Owners are now relying on Social Media to advertise their Holiday Home rentals, at zero cost to them. However, there are many pitfalls involved in using social media as the ONLY form of advertising & here are a few tips to remember: 

"GOOGLE" A Holiday Maker's first port of call 

Google generally WON'T bring your Facebook, Gumtree or Ebay advert to your holiday maker's screen!  

However, Google WILL bring up Company Websites....  Once the Holiday Maker is happily browsing through the Holiday Homes listed - they have no reason to think to check social media!

Research shows that once we have chosen a site to view we rarely return to the search engine.  This is true of Holiday search too.  So, if your Holiday Maker likes what they see at first search - they will book it!  

Holiday-Makers are far more likely to make a booking through a "Company" than they are an "Individual." 

Fear of being "scammed"  

2014 saw a huge increase in "Holiday Scams" as highlighted in the press, news and RIP off Britain : in fact, ETK Lettings (Sharon & Ali) along with a number of other Owners and Associates (who remain nameless so they can continue to help without being identified) have been instrumental in helping to expose such scammers to protect the Holiday Maker.

ETK Lettings have written a few articles relating to "Scammers" which can be found by following these links :

The fear of "being scammed" is something the Holiday-Maker is now becoming increasingly worried about (with good reason).  ETK Lettings aim is to  ensure that all members are verified (see verification below).

A Holiday-Maker is far more likely to book with these reassurances than they are if they see an advert on Gumtree posted by good ole Joe Bloggs! 

Verification Status

ETK Lettings require photographic identification for the Static Caravan Owners and any person who is responsible for taking their bookings plus physical evidence to prove ownership of the holiday home.  

Once documents have been received by ETK Lettings the Owner will be issued with a "pending verification badge".  Once these have been checked and confirmed they will be issued with a "personalised verification badge".

Any ETK Owners who do not display the badge are either new to ETK and haven't got round to sending their documentation in or have chosen not to verify themselves : this does not mean they are "dodgy" it just means that ETK Lettings "cannot" and "will not" endorse their holiday home.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Online advertising relies heavily on SEO. If you rely on Social Media you will not have such support.  With Facebook, for example, your advert will only be visible when YOU "bump" it...  which in turn means unless you are prepared to spend all day in front of your PC - you advert will be buried amongst others very, very quickly.  

ETK Lettings currently share the offices of Simon Antony Ltd who not only built and look after our website but are also "on-hand" should any issues arise or guidance is required.  Simon Antony Ltd are specialists within the Digital World.

All ETK listings are optimised for SEO purposes before they are "live" on the site & this is continually worked on to ensure the site is at optimum SEO status at all times.   

Why choose ETK Lettings?

ETK Lettings work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our site and our Owner's advertisements work well with Google and other such search engines.  In 2014 70%+ of our traffic came directly from Facebook but due to the hard work of our Management and Administration team this has been reversed in 2015 our "non-Facebook traffic" is now 65%+ and we are receiving 1,500-2,500 individual hits each week

Going it alone will not achieve such a large customer base : your facebook advert may get 20-30!

Your ETK ad sits happily in it's UK area location all day long, just waiting for the Holiday-Makers to come along - without the need to constantly "bump" to get it seen!  So if you can't find the time to log on, your advert can still be easily found rather than being shifted to the bottom of a list because it hasn't been recently "bumped!"

New Facebook Rules

Then, of course, we also have the new Facebook "rules" - if you "copy & paste", or post too often to groups; you run the risk of having "your account suspended" from these actions for a specified period of time...  (anything up to about 3 weeks), "if you can't post to a group : you can't advertise"! 

Your ETK Advertisement

ETK Lettings check "all listings" before they "go live" - this gives ETK the opportunity to make sure there is no bad language or bogus advertisements and also allows us to Optimise (SEO) your listing and also spot any errors within the listing (spelling errors, etc).  

This also allows ETK to maintain a high standard : but we are only human and won't spot everything.  The advert is "your responsiblity" ultimately.

Watch out for our "Tips on Advertising" article coming soon! 

On-going support from ETK Lettings

ETK Lettings' Management Team are on hand to offer help and support throughout.  It has been said that Ali and Sharon "don't sleep" because often we have been known to answer a message in the early hours when many Service Providers are still sleeping.

ETK's Management Team have a number of year's experience between them and indeed own their own Holiday Homes too.

We also have several Facebook pages and groups where you can advertise any offers, etc.  Many of the Holiday Makers in these groups have built a relationship with both Sharon & Ali and consider ETK Lettings Verification Badge is a trusted brand.

What is the cost of ETK Membership? 

A year's membership to ETK Lettings is only £39.99 - which works out at roughly 11p per day, or 77p a week.....you can raid the back of the settee for that!  

What are you waiting for?!  Join the ETK family today & reap the benefits