ETK Lettings expands...




We offer the warmest welcome to Alison Hedley who has accepted the position of Sales & Marketing Manager, Southern Region effective today.


Alison Hedley is better known to many as Als Van, being a Static Caravan Owner on the Park Resorts site on the beautiful Isle of Sheppey, Kent.  She has been working tirelessly behind the scenes with us, and a number of Holiday Home Owners, to make Facebook a safer place for Holiday Makers shop for their family breaks.


So it only seemed fitting to bring Alison into our family business to help us to grow our business but still continue to give our customers the personal service they have become accustomed to... WELCOME TO ETK LETTINGS, ALISON.




After a bit of "digging" we found some information about "our Ali" and we thought you may like to know what we found...


Alison initially trained as a Nursery Nurse (NNEB) and then her career quickly diversified somewhat; she spent 12 years working for the Metropolitan Police Service in the SE London area (ello ello ello) – eventually ending up working in the control rooms, yes the little voice on the other end of a police radio was none other than Ali!!!


No surprise that Ali was effectively “head-hunted“ when she took on a role as a Senior Logistics Manager for a private import/export company in London, SE1 – working directly for one of the Sales Directors, mainly dealing with his speciality of transporting fresh cream from the UK to various parts of Europe – but also being the sole supplier to Burger King for their Shakebase mixes (= milkshakes!)




What came next... the children!  Ali made the decision that Sam and Heather were more important than a career paths, so has now been “at home” with them for several years.  She has been “on her own” with them since 2006 (Sam is now 12 & Heather has just turned 11), so she is more than ready to get “back to work” with a vengeance!!!


We are all familiar with “Als Van” caravan rentals which started a new and exciting journey for Ali in 2012 which this is where we found Ali early in Summer of 2014.  We’ve formed a solid relationship – which has resulted in Ali heading up our Southern Region as Sales & Marketing Manager.




On a personal basis – she spent many years part-time “treading the boards,” as she came from an exceedingly theatrical background, (her claim to fame was playing Principal Boy in panto in SE London - she says this was about 100 years ago now!), but all that is now finished & done with apart from the odd karaoke performance! I think maybe when she visits North Wales for our regular Management Meetings she will have to give us a tune or two at Sonny's Bar - competition for our good friend & Co Owner Karina we think!!!


We did a little more digging, sorry Ali.  We had some very willing volunteers to give us some information about you - we hoped for something "juicy" but what we found was lovely words from people whose hearts you have touched... lets have a read.




Jon is currently a holiday maker who has had the pleasure of staying in Als Van a number of times and has formed a firm friendship with Ali and her children.  Jon hopes to become a Holiday Home Owner himself in due time.  In Jon's own words...


Ali, is by far the most wonderful Static Caravan Owner I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.


I first rented her caravan in May 2014, we booked in December 2013, and have stayed in contact ever since. Because of her great service and care, we then booked another stay for October 2014 whilst staying in the caravan in May.


Ali has now become a very close friend and is now known as "Nanny Van" she's taken us under her wing, given us help and support whilst I look for a caravan of my own. She has also been a very good friend through some hard life issues as well.


Our friendship grows week by week and we consider Ali as family and not just the lovey lady who owns a caravan.


In the past few months I've had the pleasure of working with Ali & Sharon by supporting & working with them, and a number of other owners, to stop the Scammers and to give holiday makers and owners a safer environment to shop. 


This was only possible because of Ali teaching me loads and loads and by putting up with my questions asking about caravans and the running of them.


Anyone dealing with Ali (And of course the rest of the gang) can be reassured you are in good hands.


Keep up the good work nanny van


Jon was honoured to be asked to offer a word or two for somebody who he considers to be honest, supportive, reliable and very much deserving of the challenging role ahead of her.





Tracy and Ricky are Caravan Owners, also on the Isle of Sheppey and this is what they had to say...


We bought our Static Caravan two and a half years ago in August. We didn't know anyone on site. It took us months to get our caravan sited and ready for rental.


My mum fancied a little holiday with her beloved chihuahua but our caravan wasn't ready. I googled "Static Caravans on the Isle of Sheppey" and came across Als Van. I got in touch with her but she was booked.


A few months later I stumbled across a Facebook Group of a large community of other owners. All giving each other advice & support, etc. I had had a few caravan enquiries from people with pets so I emailed Ali and we started corresponding.


We spoke about everything and anything, I stalked her and unearthed her Facebook account and added her as a friend. We arranged to meet up whilst at the caravan.


I was out walking and saw what looked like a bag lady with a dog who hurried past quickly. Then turned round said "Ali" and she said hi and gave me a hug. Been muckers ever since.


What can I say about Ali. "Great mate with a heart of gold. Gullible but I'm teaching her to wise up. Far too soft for her own good. We both have a warped sense of humour can see the funny side of everything. We arrange our breaks around each other so we can get together a few times over the year"


Thank you to Tracy and Ricky for the insight into our new and hopefully less gullible employee haha.




We managed to grab a couple of pictures from Alison, this picture with her lovely sister truly shows off her personality - I would sure like to know what she is laughing at - maybe I need to have a chat with her sister.



Alison has also had some involvement with our sister Company, Entertain the Kids, and taken part in a couple of Movie Release Reviews such as Get Santa and Night at the Museum - Secret of the Tomb and we have pulled these pictures to show you Alison and her children behind bars - but there are no bars to hold her back working for ETK Lettings.




I am sure that you will all agree that we have made a good choice recruiting Alison for what we believe will be both a challenging and rewarding role.


We're ready... are you?