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What does "Verified Ownership" mean to you, the Holiday Maker?

  • Trust? 
  • Honesty?
  • Confidence to book your family holiday?




All Holiday Home Owners who display the Verification Badges, shown above, have taken steps to prove both themselves and their Ownership of their Holiday Homes with ETK.  

  • We will have seen verification documents - "THIS STEP IS STANDARD" (and checked them out)
  • potentially verified them at the site office (where possible - not all site offices will comply)
  • met them in person
  • we have a whole host of verification methods and some of these are detailed on our Owners caravan and personal page on our site at ETK Lettings

Owners displaying the "Pending Verification" badge have submitted paperwork to us but we are either still "checking this out" or we are "awaiting further information"

Once their details have been confirmed they will be awarded the "Verified Owners Badge" displayed above on their main caravan page, you can see mine here 


Owners and guests alike tell us they find Verified ID useful when deciding who to interact with at ETK Lettings, but it's not an endorsement or guarantee of someone's identity. 


If no badge is displayed - this doesn't mean that the owner isn't "trustworthy".  It means we haven't been supplied with any documentation that will back up their ownership. 

Meet the family: 

Each owner has their own Profile Page so you're not just booking with a caravan - this is my family :




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