The BIG Haircut for the Little Princess Trust: A truly HAIR-RAISING adventure!

A Totally Hair-Raising Adventure for the Little Princess Trust: 

Here at ETK, we have some fabulous Owners working with us - we have now recruited our first ever "honoury-member" in the form of little Katie, who is the super-dooper 6-year old Grandaughter of our very own Ruth Melville.

Here's Ruth and Katie's story:

A few years back now, Ruth was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, for obvious reasons, this is not something she publicises or makes a fuss about. After undergoing Chemo and various other cancer treatments, happily Ruth has been in remission for some time now and is busy getting on with her life following what was very traumatic time for all of her family.

Very recently, little Katie saw a TV programme about The Little Princess Trust. The trust receives no formal funding and provides real-hair wigs to both boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that suffer hair-loss as a result of the cancer treatment they have to endure.

So Katie had a chat with her Mum, Kim.

After lots and lots of "are you sure" from Kim, Katie categorically decided that she wanted to cut her hair so it can be donated to the "children that need it."

As soon as Ruth heard of Katie's plans, she had a chat with Kim and then a chat with Katie. This resulted in Ruth having her own hair cut and donated it alongside Katie to help raise funds and gain more awareness. This was a very emotional time for Ruth, who suffered hair loss herself during her own Chemo treatment.

Probably the bravest thing ETK have heard in a long time, a 6-yr old willing to cut her locks (which are stunning by the way) and Nanny-Ruth doing the same, after losing hers and taking years to grow it back to how it is now.

The BIG HAIRCUT took place on Thursday July 21st:

We think that you'll agree with us, that both Katie and Ruth look absolutely stunning, and it's still not too late to donate to this fabulous cause. Just click the links - even as little as £1.00 helps.

At time of "going to press", Katie has raised a whopping £305 of her original £250 target.







Hats off to these very brave two ladies!

If the thought of a 6-yr old willing to cut her hair to help other children doesn't bring a tear to the eye: then we don't know what will! 

Please help to support Little Katie's efforts - all you need to do is click on her Just Giving link to donate, every pound counts.


AND .... if you fancy a break away in Cornwall, don't forget to check out Ruth's beautiful Holiday Homes in Perranporth Ruth's Retreat at Liskey Hill


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