Owner's passes

Owners Passes ~ Privilege Passes ~ Discount Cards

WHAT are they exactly?!

More or less the same thing!


Owners have very few "perks" of Holiday Home Ownership amongst all the annual invoices, (apart from Jollidays whenever they choose to take them!), but these cards/passes are one of them. 

All the companies work differently - but the basics are the same: a certain number of passes are issued on the purchase of the Holiday Home, (& renewed every year), for the Owner to use; along with the Owner's chosen "Family & Friends." These provide free use of the site's facilities, (pools, entertainment complex etc), along with "Owner Only Events", use of "Owner's Only" bars & if you're lucky - a few "Owner's Breakfasts" thrown in throughout the season! 

Most of the major holiday companies are now offering a % discount to Owners in possession of these cards for purchases made on site - again the method & % varies from company to company, but often includes the site shops, entertainment complex, launderette, restaurants etc.  Some of the companies use a "pre-paid" system, some don't.

Usually - the cards/passes issued show the Owner's photo & some sites ask that ALL passes under the scheme have photos of the bearer.

If a guest books through the site direct - the price of the "Holiday-Maker" Passes are already costed into the final balance. Owner's all deal differently - some include in their quotes, some will provide at an extra fee & some will state that they have to be purchased direct on arrival.

The Owner & "Holiday-Maker" Passes are there for a reason:

ALL holiday park Entertainment Complexes are classed & licensed as a "Private Club" - so anyone using it's facilities needs to be a "member" :- hence the passes!   

BUT: it's becoming more & more common-place for Guests to ask to use Owner's passes during their stay... & sadly some Owners are agreeing to this...

If you decide to let your Guests use YOUR Owner's passes

a can of worms could be opened...  

  • Your Guest then becomes "entitled" to authorise any repairs or maintenance of your Holiday Home, as by giving them the passes - you are authorising them with "Owner" status...
  • If your Guest is found to be in possession of a pass that doesn't belong to them, they can be asked to leave and you could have your passes revoked...  
  • YOU are directly responsible for your Guest's behaviour - as they have YOUR passes...
  • The cost of Guest passes usually goes directly into the "Entertainment Budget" on your park - so the fewer sales: the worse your level of Entertainment will be!...
  • Most sites will state in the T&Cs of the pass, that any Guests who have paid you to stay: will have to pay for their OWN passes - so if you give them yours:- YOU are breaking the T&Cs of your own pass, which the site are quite in their "right" to revoke from you...


Also remember - that, (sales aside), most site's BIGGEST annual income is through the "spend" in it's facilities... if you are allowing your Guests to have free entry, use + have a discount on these facilities - just think of the affect that could have on next year's site fees ;)


This article is intended to offer advice and we are in no way telling you how to run your Holiday Home business.



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