Listing your properties or business with ETK.

Here at ETK we would like to make adding your holiday property or business an easy task. We’ve put together this simple to follow guide to add properties to ETK.

On the Home page of ETK lettings, you’ll find on the top right of the screen the link ‘Advertise Your Property’. Click this link.

You’ll arrive at a login page that will give a couple of options:

Facebook Login - if you have a Facebook account, this is by far the quickest way to signup. We don't post to your account but it allows you to use one login for all your sites - just click the blue Use your Facebook account button.

If you do not want to use Facebook for any reason, you can register your own username/password - simply fill in the form on the right then hit the orange button to create your account


Once you are logged into the site, you are taken to the Owners Portal. In this section, you’ll notice the ‘Add New Property’ link located on the left hand sign in the grey rectangle. This option is third down from the top. You’ll then be taken to the ‘Add A Property’ screen where you’ll begin to add your details. Please make sure you’ve filled in as much detail as possible and include a good quality photograph of the property. 

TIP: The best property descriptions make us imagine staying there, so sell the property in the description and wow the reader with what you have to offer. 

Image is everything, so please compliment your property listing with a high quality outdoor image of your property. 

At the bottom of this screen you’ll add some more details regard the size of your property. This is for static caravans, lodges and cottages and smaller properties. If you are adding one of these, you can fill the box in to give accurate size and sleep details of your property, if you’re adding a hotel or larger property to ETK, just add Hotel, B&B etc


Once you’ve added the details of your property (or properties), you’ll find an dropdown box titled ‘Listing Payment Options - Click to View’. This dropdown menu will give you the payment options for each property.

You’ll be able to choose from 3 listing options for your 
first property; 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

You must pay for the first listing before you select the payment for additional properties. This drop down menu is also for renewing your listing and selecting additional services such as removing other property adverts.

We also offer a number of additional services including Owner Documents, Contracts and more.
We are now producing advertisement videos for use alongside the ETK Lettings' own website, your own websites and other social media platforms. These videos are produced in order to keep the concept fresh in customers minds and will feature a showcase of the best features of your property. These videos start at £5 for ETK members which will include content in high definition and £10 for none ETK members. 
These videos will be hosted and shared upon our many social media channels (including Facebook and Youtube) and will be embedded into the property info on your ETK Lettings web page, further increasing your exposure. 

If this is something you're interested in then please phone Chris on 0161 300 8151, or email [email protected]