Keeping your availability calendar up to date

With lots of Guests already looking to book their 2016 holidays... there's nothing worse for them than finding "THE" one - only to be told it is already booked, when it's clearly shown as "available"....

Here at ETK, we work hard to promote the Holiday Homes on our books - but have found quite a few Guests come back to us saying they were unable to reserve their chosen break away as the property had already been booked, even though it was shown as "available" on the availability calendar. 

It's important to keep your availability as up-to-date as possible at all times!  

It gives totally the wrong impression of your rental service overall, if one of the most key factors with the rental is overlooked & out-of-date! If the potential Guest has "wasted time" asking about dates that transpire to be previously booked, but you have failed to update your system, they are highly unlikely to bother asking you again & will just move on to another property.

It also doesn't look "quite so great" to have a completely empty calendar... if a potential Guest sees you have "no bookings" they will start to question "why?" In reality, it may just be that you haven't found the time to update it - but the Guest won't realise that.

Try to update your availability as soon as you have a confirmed booking, if it's done every time as a matter of "routine" - it won't take long & will attract more Guests once they see you are "on top" of your rentals!




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