ETK Lettings Management team help bring Holiday Scammers to Justice

Take a moment to watch this compelling 45 minute episode. The feature relating to the Static Caravan Fraud is approximately two thirds into the show. Watch it on iPlayer or click HERE 

ETK Lettings, myself (Sharon Steed), Ali Hedley and a number of other Holiday Home Owners & Associates (who will remain nameless but know who they are) have been instrumental in bringing Scammers to the eye of the Law and pushed many more off Facebook (even if just short term).

Rip Off Britain (Monday 12 January 2015 at 11.30am on BBC One) contains details of Scammers who have been caught thanks to the support of our Facebook Scammers Group where we were able to bring Holiday Makers (Emma Fewings featured on this particular show) who had been conned together to share their stories and information and take their case collectively to the police.

Our group were contacted by Rip Off Britain and a number of volunteers (who had been scammed by the couple) agreed to talk to them to help save others being caught out too. A very brave step they have made.

Unfortunately, 2015 has seen the scammers starting early selling Holidays they don't own and several have been highlighted on the General Selling Boards as well as the caravan boards. Often grabbing pictures from other Owner's advertisements, photographs from magazines or pulling stock photographs from Google.

There are many, MANY more honest Holiday Home Owners out there than scammers - if you are feeling vulnerable with your holiday purchase - ASK ASK ASK.

Take a look at this article written by Ali Hedley (Als Van) prior to her joining ETK Lettings relating to "booking your holiday in safety"

ETK Lettings is growing, we have employed Ali Hedley as a Sales & Marketing Manager, Southern Region (though we all work together across the UK).

We aim to bring "YOU", the Holiday Maker, a safer place to book your Family Holiday.