Great Half Term Project - help us plant 10,000 trees in a day

Dennis Publishing aim to plant 10,000 trees in a day.  YOU CAN HELP.  Simply send an image of a tree via various methods to TreesForTrees and they will plant a tree on your behalf... simple. Jon Snow is behind the campaign but we can all do our bit to help #treesfortrees


A message direct from Dennis Publishing 

I wanted to get in touch to let you know about a great campaign that we're running here at Dennis Publishing over the next few days, that we would really like your help communicating to your readers. Essentially for every photo or drawing of a tree that we receive, we will plant a real tree in the forest in the Heart of England. 


The project is being run by Dennis Publishing on behalf of the Heart of England Forest Charity, a charity that has the mission to plant a 30,000 acre woodland in the Heart of England so that generations to come are able to enjoy forests as we can now. We are vastly lacking in woodland in the UK – we have just 3% compared with around 25% in mainland European countries such as France and Spain. 


The idea is simple and so is sending in the images of trees – simply use the hashtag #treesfortrees and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email them to us and for each one we receive we will plant a tree. There are more details on the website at: TreesForTrees


We also have a great video that explains much better than I ever could what we are doing, pitched to children, which you can find here: