Dog Friendly Holidays

If you’re a dog-owner, the thought of a holiday without your beloved 4-paw-pal can be awful (+ the costs involved for kennels can be very pricey!). No matter how carefully you have chosen the boarding kennels, you know you will be thinking of them instead of enjoying your holiday & that’s AFTER the trauma of having to leave them there on Day One!


Which is why so many choose to take them away on holiday every year.



But please be aware, not all holiday parks are 4-paws-friendly, so before you even think about booking:


  • Make sure you have chosen a holiday park that allows dogs. 
  • Check the owner allows them in the property. 
  • Most Holiday Parks will also have restrictions on the number of dogs staying in any one accommodation, so if you have more than 2 – make sure you mention it!


Some Holiday Home Owners will have certain personal “rules” regarding a pet-holiday & most will charge an extra fee for their stay. Ensure you ask about this before you book. Most (quite rightly!) will ask that you don’t leave your 4-paws alone in the accommodation for any length of time, which is not an unreasonable request.  


ALL UK dog-friendly parks state that your dog must be on the lead at ALL times whilst on park, & has ID tags: you can imagine the chaos if every dog was allowed to roam free!


Microchipping will be compulsory from April 2016 in England and April 2015 in Wales as part of legislation relating to animal welfare


You will also have to follow Park guidelines regarding your dog: a 24/7 yappy guest, one that likes small children for breakfast, or looks upon other 4-legged neighbours as a potential wrestling partner - WILL be asked to leave by Park management, along with all the 2-legged guests staying.


On a Holiday Park – you will be unable to take your 4-paws into any of the facilities, some local pubs will still allow dogs inside, but again check before you take them in with you for your lunchtime pint!


Keep your dog safe! 


  • Remember that your dog is no more familiar with your holiday surroundings than you are! 


  • Never leave your pet in a car, regardless of whether it's hot or cold weather.


  • Remember that an open window in a Holiday Home is a tempting escape route for an inquistive 4-paws.


Look up details for local beaches, as most within the UK have 4-paws restrictions, where they are only allowed on them between Oct-Mar. There are usually signs along the coast to state this – but if you “go prepared”, you’ll know where you can take them for a paddle without wasting precious holiday-time.


A good tip is to look up the details of the nearest vet to your holiday accommodation before you arrive & have them to hand during your stay, for the “just in case” situations whilst you are away.  The Owner of the Holiday Home may be able to help out there, so it’s always worth asking!


ETK Lettings recognise the growing need for 4-paws-friendly holidays & this is an area we are constantly working on, we now have a Pet Friendly Static Caravan page. To increase our available dog-friendly listings, we are currently offering a 25% discount for all new properties that provide a waggy-holiday!  Just contact Sharon or Ali for details.