Caravan Rentals - How to avoid being scammed!

I've got a few tips to help guests booking static caravan holidays in the uk and avoid getting scammed in the process.

Scammers will always feed upon your weakness and feed they will - Often they will offer a holiday at a bargain price and there is a reason for this. Everyone likes a bargain, how about a platinum grade caravan in the middle of August for £250? Sound too good to be true, especially when official sellers sell the same van for £600+

So you pay them £250, then you don't hear from them again. Because you paid using Paypal, you think it's safe, however the seller asked you to Gift it so nobody gets charged any fees - sorry you've lost your money and your holiday.

Take note of the following, it may just save you the heartache that many others are experiencing.

  • If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is - what is the going rate and why is this one cheaper?
  • ALWAYS ask lots of questions
  • Why not do a shout out on our Holiday Watchdog Facebook Page to see who knows the owner (we are only too happy to help clear out the scammers)
  • Ask them to authorise you to ring the site office for confirmation (you can ring through yourself but they may not give info unless the owner has given the ok prior to your call)
  • Here is a link to a verified group - all the owners have provided evidence of ownership... 
  • We (that is a few owners) have started a "holiday watchdog page" and within that will be a list of bona fide holiday home owners.
  • DO NOT give in to the temptation of a "CHEAP - TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" holiday
  • Often the scammers are inboxing you direct - thereby not making themselves seen to the rest of the FB users - so if you get an inbox offering a holiday... INVESTIGATE AND SHOUT OUT
  • Check out their facebook profile - does their name on the facebook profile match the name in your web browser toolbar - if not then it's probably something dodgy, why use a different name?

Just a few tips.. but "If in doubt... SHOUT"

Keep Safe.