BINGO BONANZA... 5-50% discount bingo codes available


You will have heard that Alison Hedley (better known in the Static Caravan World as "Als Van") joined the expanding team here at ETK Lettings on Monday 12 January 2015.  You can read all about that here.



Already, Ali has found her feet but we feel she has forgotten to use her brakes haha !!! Which is fantastic for everybody, especially "YOU" the Owners and Holiday Makers because Ali is driven by her passion and love and that passion she has found within ETK Lettings and to use her own words "I think I have got ETK OCD".




We issued Ali with a selection of discount codes and challenged her to come up with a way to "get them out there" and the result was "Als-Game BINGO BONANZA"


How it works - direct from Ali


As the “Newbie” at ETK Lettings – I have 70 (YES: SEVENTY!) fabulous opportunities for DISCOUNTED Static Caravan Owners membership currently running.


Hidden behind each “bingo” number (1-70) are various discounts to your membership fees - ranging between 5% through to a whopping 50% reduction for your first year! 



How to play


All you have to do is choose an available number when you contact me, Alison Hedley, to register as a Holiday Home Owner with us at ETK Lettings & you will be given a unique discount code to enter on our payment page, which will automatically make the reduction in fees for you.


All the results are being published as they are claimed on our ETK Lettings FaceBook page so whether you find the game on a Facebook group or page, via this article, Twitter or via a friend you MUST visit our facebook page for the latest updates and to find the available numbers.


"WHEN THEY'RE GONE – THEY'RE GONE!!!  Contact me, Alison Hedley, quickly so you don’t miss out!!!