Al's Balloon Race!

EVERYONE knows Al's Van likes to be a bit different and a bit quirky:-
nothing changes for 2016! 


Al's Van rentals start again on Monday March 14th and this year - is opening with a bit of a "different event!"

50 helium balloons are due to be released on Saturday, January 23rd, at 12-noon, from Al's Van's base in Kent, courtesy of "The Al's Van's Hoodlums" - Sam (aged 13) and Heather (aged 12) and possibly Charlie-Harry-The-Patterdale-Terrier, although his involvement is hopefully going to be kept to a minimum on the day....  (photos will be added!) 

The balloon that reaches the furthest distance from its set off point within the following 7 weeks (cut-off point for any found = March 12th) - will WIN A FREE HOLIDAY - yup: a FREE Fri-Mon break is up for grabs! 

The FREE break can be taken in 2016 or 2017 - subject to availability.  It does not include peak dates, passes, linen pack nor 4-paws & is subject to the usual T&Cs of Al's Van bookings.

The winner will be announced on Monday March 14th - Al's Van opening date for 2016 to allow for contact to be made.

Who knows where they could end up?!

A few years ago now, a handful of helium balloons were "set free" from the cliff-top at Ashcroft Coast for Hoodlum-Sam's birthday, with little labels attached & one managed to travel just under 200 miles!

Each of Al's Van's balloons will have a label attached, as follows (front & back!) :- 


The unique reference number will have to be quoted for the entry to be valid - just to prevent any "quick-thinking" people who may claim to have found one in "Outer Mongolia" to claim the break ....  & all details of "found balloons" will be updated here, as contact is made.

50 labels printed & laminated + helium awaiting....... 

 So watch this space for updates!

& they're off!